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White Sand and Stone

Oliver Bardwell

Best Selling Author, Public Speaker,  Corporate Trainer and Life Coach 

Best New Release

The Way: A Small Book of Wisdom

The Way: A Small Book of Wisdom, is an inspired spiritual work. It's about love, kindness, compassion and cultivating inner peace.

It’s a book that you will want to keep at your bedside table. Within its pages lie the distilled and timeless wisdom of the masters. Combining sage like verses with inspiring and heartfelt poetry, the author speaks directly to the spirit. The Way: A Small Book of Wisdom is a book that can be read over and over again, with each reading revealing something new and inspiring.


* The signed edition includes a $75 gift certificate towards a life coaching session with the author.  

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This is a well written book about life and spirituality. I love the quotes, little stories, and the way the author brought together many teachings. I love how this book reminds us that we are all one on this earth trying to be our best selves. 

"Thank you Oliver. This is a book I will share with others." - Tiffany M

Praise & Reviews

The timing and need for a writing of this caliber could not be better. As I read and reread and reviewed this writing, I felt a calming and peaceful nature, an experience of quiet and tranquil restfulness filled my being. 

"This is a book I will keep nearby." - Amazon Customer

Love this book! Gentle. Simple yet profound. Easy read, thoughtfully laid out. Each time I pick it up something different strikes me. 

I got the ebook first then decided I needed it in print for my night stand. “Amazon Customer”


Coming Soon 

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About Oliver

OLIVER BARDWELL IS A BEST SELLING AUTHOR,  NLP Master Practitioner. Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor, Corporate Trainer and Life Coach. He has been studying and practicing Kriya Yoga, meditation, and the Chinese martial arts for decades, and has spent a lifetime learning about religion and spirituality. 

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