OLIVER BARDWELL IS A WRITER, ENTREPRENEUR, LIFE COACH, EXECUTIVE COACH, CORPORATE TRAINER AND FACILITATOR and author of The Way: A Small Book of Wisdom. He has been studying and practicing Kriya Yoga, meditation, and the Chinese martial arts for decades, and has spent a lifetime learning about religion and spirituality. Growing up with an amazing mother, who was not only a devout Christian but also a locally renowned and gifted psychic, Oliver learned to view life as a mystical journey. As we read his writing and poetry, this becomes apparent, and a world of magic and spirit begins to open up to us.


"My philosophy is simple. Forgive quickly and love freely. Forgive others quickly and forgive yourself often. Learn from your mistakes in life and let them go. We can't open our hearts to forgive others if we can't first forgive ourselves. To be human, to have a mind and ego, is a constant challenge that all of us face. Sometimes we can get beyond the mind and ego and experience inner peace and are able to share that inner peace with those around us and other times we aren't able to do so.  The more we meditate and practice mindfulness the more successful at this we become.


Love freely. The only true emotion that comes from the soul is love. When we are able to transcend the mind and the ego, love flows and kindness, compassion and understanding become our natural modes of expression." - Oliver  

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